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King of the Hill

"Your one stop power source."

About Us

After years of being a mechanic, Steve Halse, President/CEO, decided to open a shop of his own--thus, King of the Hill, Inc. (KOTH) was born.

Steve had been working on diesel engines for over 15 years when he started KOTH in 2001, so it was no surprise he found success. His career began after he graduated from the Technical Career Institute in 1982 and accepted a job at Southworth Diesel. 

For almost two decades he worked there, putting in long hours, from sun up until sun down, taking apart engines then rebuilding them, just so he could better understand them. Steve has always been driven to work hard and that's what led him to finally venture off on his own.

In 2001, after 18 years of employment, Steve left Southworth and began his own venture. It wasn't long before he started scheduling services several weeks out--he had so much business he couldn't keep up! He hired a few mechanics who trained under him and the rest is history.

Help me help you get back on the road quicker!

Steve Halse--Business Owner/President/CEO

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