King of the Hill

Diesel Engine Repair                             Albany, NY 

Customer Testimonials

Went to King of the Hill for their standard HP tune up and was pleasantly surprised with gaining a full gear and a half in any given pull and 1.3/10th of mile in fuel gain!

Ken, Owner & Operator

Their work is above and beyond truck show quality. Thank you so much King of the Hill, love going to work everyday.

Jimmy, Owner of Mottola Trucking

Thank you to King of the Hill for your professionalism and your extreme timely manner in which my repair was turned around.

Bill, Owner of RCM Trucking

Thank you king of the hill for the tune up on my 550 CAT, gained 1.1/2 of a mile in fuel and a hole gear in the big hills giving my business the boost it needed.

Ryan, Owner of R&R Trucking